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We are Blockchain Experts

Our mission is to offer profound consultancy in running token sales, implementing blockchain technology and accompany businesses integrating cutting-edge distributed ledger solutions. We are specialized in identifying reasonable scopes of application and raising awareness for possible implementations for companies that want to integrate this disruptive technology into their structures.

Agnes Petersson

Management Assistant

Andreas Petersson

Founder, Managing Director

Robert Kaiser

Linux Expert

Agnes supports the company with her organisational talent and her ability to plan for the long term. She has a Ph.D. in Food Sciene and Technology from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.

Andreas has been working as a professional software engineer for 17 years. In 2011 he co-founded, a registered non-profit organisation. From 2012 to 2014 he worked with Mycelium, where he co-created the popular Mycelium Wallet for Android, which is used by more than half a million people to secure their savings. He co-founded the Minebox Project in 2015, which was aquired by Clearcenter in 2017. Andreas is also an external advisor to multiple Blockchain companies in the industry.

Robert has been a Linux administrator and open source software developer for about 20 years. As a long-term contributor to the Mozilla project and previous Release Quality Manager of Firefox, his experience includes 10+ years of project and software release management, data analysis and public tech speaking.

Florian Schüller


Franz Eigel

Project Manager

Lisa Weinsberger

Branding & Design

Based in Austria with a strong skillset in embedded systems, UNIX and C++, Florian graduated with master’s degree in Computer Science from TU Wien in 2007 and since then he works as a Software Architekt in TTTech Computertechnik AG.

Franz is a business engineer from TU Wien with over 10 years of experience in IT project and quality management, software testing, and business consulting. He has been researching and analyzing cutting-edge distributed ledger technologies since Ethereum has emerged in 2014. Specializing in token economics and strategies, he has managed the launches of several successful token sales.

Lisa is a UX/UI/graphic designer with an academic background in fashion design and architecture. With over 10 years experience in various fields of design, both digital and hands-on, Lisa is actively supporting the startup scene as a designer and mentor. Lisa is into the Blockchain, Design Thinking, Branding and Experience Design. She is always looking for exciting and innovative creative cooperations.

Hannes Stiebitzhofer

Business Advisor / Eigenheads

Corneliu Andrei

Assembly Operator

Our Advisors

Arthur Stadler

Legal Advisor / Stadler Völkel

Oliver Völkel

Legal Advisor / Stadler Völkel

Michael Hladky

Technology Advisor

Michael Moll

Business Advisor / Accent