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We design and implement smart contract based applications for our clients, advice them on token economic models and guide them through their token sales

The Crypto stamp is the worlds first blockchain post stamp, closing the gap between the analog and digital world. The special postage stamp is limited to 150.000 pieces. Every physical item is also stored as an ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token on the Ethereum blockchain.

Capacity cooperates with Österreichische Post AG, developing the DAPP, which includes a unique Web3 “on-chain” shop, making enterprises and startup work together.

This is a first glimpse at the future of digital property. The tokenization of economic goods and various items of property into digital assets, virtual twins, is an emerging trend that can be applied to countless areas. Using this technology makes it possible to prove ownership or a right to a rental of any kind. Capacity offers unique expertise in this field.

The concept of MOBILIO is to motivate drivers to stop using their phones while driving and thus drastically reduce the number of road accidents, injuries, and deaths.
With the Mobilio app – available for Apple and Android smartphones – drivers collect points for distraction-free driving that can be exchanged for Mobilio’s ERC-20 token (MOB).

Capacity developed the MOBILIO smart contract, a custom blockchain backend service and the corresponding REST-API that communicates between the Ethereum blockchain and the MOBILIO app. One special aspect of the MOB token is its minting process. The smart contract is coded as a time-dependent calculation, assigning tokens continuously over 100 years.

Qravity is a decentralized content production and distribution platform where creators own and profit from their work.

Capacity is the lead development team for the blockchain aspects of the Qravity platform. In close cooperation with Qravity, we designed the business model and the underlying Ethereum-based token ecosystem. The smart contracts ensure transparency, fairness and security for Qravity project founders as well as content creators, distributors, and consumers.

HERO is a decentralized betting system that brings transparency and trustless betting to all sports fans around the world.

In consultation with Stadler Völkel, Capacity advised on the legal and technical aspects of Austrias first successful ICO. Together with HERO’s technical team, we designed a smart contract system which ties into the browser as well as their back-end database. The new blockchain-based Herosphere platform allows the eSports community to bet with the PLAY token.

CONDA is the leading provider of technical, process, and legal infrastructure for alternative finance solutions, such as crowdinvesting, crowdfunding and crowdlending.

Capacity acted as technical advisor and assisted CONDA in bringing their CRWD Token to the blockchain.